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Ferdinand Hotel opened its doors, once again to guests in 2002, offering:superb accommodation that includes 5 suites and 45 double rooms with en-suite bathrooms,a restaurant with an impressive variety of typical Romanian dishes and other dishes,conference facilities for 100 persons, a garden restaurant that is an ideal place to relax and enjoy unspoiled nature, a private spa and therapy pool facilities, a fitness center


manual created works, made of plywood, email:


Based on global economic calendar the actual values of the overall events were better than expected in the last week. The USA (left fig.) was one of the leaders. Based on technical analysis 8 from 10 sectors in USA have buy rating. One of the leaders is Consumer Staples shown in the middle figure. It just got a new high which signal that the up trend may continue. Part of this sector is Colgate-Palmolive Company present in the right figure which shows a cup with handle pattern that signals higher highs for the future. We wish you a Happy Easter!

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