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In 2007, eOption was created with a clear purpose in mind ? low-cost trades combined with fast, efficient execution. Our ultra low commission rates provide a unique value that will immediately enhance a successful trade with a higher investment yield. We provide an environment for investors interested in a reliable trading platform, fast execution and friendly service, without the high commission cost your trade needs to cover.


Hotel Select is a new (2004) and modern building, newly re-equip by accessing European founds. Hotel "Select" has the advantage of being situated close to Baile Olanesti, at only 1 to 1.5 km from mineral springs, which placed first resort in Romania the number and total flow daily mineral water as well as the variety of composition and their concentration.


In the left figure is the accumulation of the USA events ratings from global economic calendar. It was a stagnant period with whipsaws in the rating. Based on technical analysis all indexes from our system have sell ratings. One of the sectors in USA with better rating than the others is Consumer Staples, seen in the middle figure. On short term it is on an up trend. One of the companies with maximum rating in this sector is Campbell Soup Company presented in the right figure. It is on an up trend and it is at more than 10 years high, which is a strong signal that may go higher.

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